Monday, October 24, 2011

Urban Myths

These are the stories that make us jump in the dark of night, may it be alligators in the sewers, repeating a woman's name three times, or bodies coming to life under your bed. Most urban legends have a kernel of truth, that is why we let them get into our minds.

Being the week of Halloween I will be shooting anything scary. Urban legends, haunted buildings, frightening stories that keep you up at night.  Please give me your ideas of what you want to see for Halloween images and always scream in the dark.


  1. That arm looks MESSED UP! Nice effect.
    Ideas for Halloween images --
    Corn (perhaps ,Children of the)
    Candles lit in the field
    Spooky trees -- it can't all be alliterative.

  2. Cool!!

    Ideas something cute made creepy!

  3. good idea! Haunted things creep me out the most and zombies!