Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat??

For someone like myself Halloween is a strange holiday.  I grew out of going door to door asking for candy and hot chocolate.  I'm not one to go to dance parties. But I do love to dress up in costumes and scare anyone in my way. Full disclosure as I am writing this I have on loop This is Halloween by the genius of Tim Burton.  I had a lot of ideas and help from the comment threads on what is Halloween.

Halloween is all about the unknown. Walking around in the dark wondering if that noise we hear is just the wind or some blood dripping creature around the corner.  The gamble we take on each door we approach   The one light on wondering if we will get a delicious chocolate coated treat or a box of raisins.

To all of the weirdos out there who want to take the one night where we can be whatever we want. I have one thing to say.  Hail to the Pumpkin Song

Monday, October 24, 2011

Urban Myths

These are the stories that make us jump in the dark of night, may it be alligators in the sewers, repeating a woman's name three times, or bodies coming to life under your bed. Most urban legends have a kernel of truth, that is why we let them get into our minds.

Being the week of Halloween I will be shooting anything scary. Urban legends, haunted buildings, frightening stories that keep you up at night.  Please give me your ideas of what you want to see for Halloween images and always scream in the dark.

Through a Child's Eyes

This weeks theme was interesting and challenging for me on many aspects. For one I don't remember too much of my childhood, so reverting to those feelings and ideas is not my biggest strength.  Yet I do have some thoughts of how kids feel.

Whether it is fearing the heights of the world around you or the maze of obstacle that may stop you in your tracks. Children always seem to find a playground in each situation.

On a side note when photographing on playgrounds make sure that the parents of children know what you are doing.  Otherwise some tend to think you are up to no good.  Especially if you have a beautifully full beard like I do.  Perhaps that is why no one will let me photograph them and their children playing.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Late Night

The whole idea of what can happen late night has been the discussion of various mediums.  I decided that the best way for me to photograph “Late Night” was to actually go out, which is not something I do very much.  But this was a theme to shoot.  I had many ideas of what I wanted but going into a bar that I don’t know and photographing people I don’t know isn’t a practice that I am completely comfortable with just yet.  I went out one night with my friend and we just hung out and I took pictures and a story began to form in minds. 

This image tells this story of the excitement and potential the night can have at the beginning.  Yet as the night goes on there is that guy that has had just five too many for the night.  The city is almost in a dream state for him, stumbling around and ready to nap where ever he falls.

Monday, October 3, 2011


“All we have to fear is fear itself”.  But how terrifying is fear really. Fear can disorient a normally stabilized individual.  All the nightmares I have had are a confusing labyrinth of blurred, barley incomprehensible scenes.

This image represents nightmares and the debilitating fear that can blur our subconscious when we are facing those fears.